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Hi and thanks for reading this.

So why submitting your free theme to Themehub? The answer is obvious – get more traffic, more publicity, and a backlink. Each approved partner or vendor gets a personal page with company overview, links to social profiles and a link to the website. The more themes you submit, the more traffic you get. fair enough, right?

What about theme requirements? We try to keep things simple and clear:

  • No spam
  • No malicious code and backdoors
  • No copyright infringement
  • Demo content is a must
  • Documentation(at least some) is a must
  • Appealing design. No, we are not Envato team and wont mess up with typography and spacing issues, just keep it reasonable and appealing.
  • GLP3 license is a must.

Yes, it’s that simple.

How to get started? Register using this form, as soon as we receive the application we will approve it. Please keep us calm and relaxed, use your corporate email addresses so we could be sure you really represent the company. If the theme complies with the requirements above it gets to our website within 24 hours. All the best and good luck!

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